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This site is always under construction, it is my goal to find a wide variety of stuff for as many people as I can.I would appreciate any help you could give."NO ADULT SITES WILL BE LINKED STRAIGHT FROM THIS SITE!

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No, I can't see this my self I just thought it would be cool to through this in.

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Your right I don't like AOL

"Cruelty occurs when people lose touch with the real world. In the nineties This is partly due to the fact that we are distanced from reality by a life we do not lead; therefore we are also distanced from one another. We experience the world through television and drugs to enjoy social communication. We use machines instead of our bodies and when our bodies fail us, machines keep us alive. When we do not feel life, we do not feel what it is to be alive. We do not feel compassion, our neighbor is invisible. When he suffers, we turn the television off or simply register a blank. Existence is a bubble we feel will never burst."

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